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11am - 11pm
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Come and enjoy juicy meat from a grill, a homemade hamburger or delicious chocolate fondant in our restaurant in the most beautiful part of Prague

Restaurant “Vila Kajetánka”

VVila Kajetánka, beautiful garden restaurant situated in the middle of a romantic park with a pond, we offer a wide selection of culinary specialties prepared by a very experienced team of chefś.

Vila Kajetánka restaurant is popular used for holding various family celebrations and corporate banquets. Outdoor seating capacity is 90 locations and more than 200 seats inside the restaurant, located in several rooms.

Meals in our restaurant prepared according to original recipes using fresh ingredients, traditional practices. In preparing our meals we try to use seasonal ingredients. For our guests we are also preparing special events such as venison, grilled specialties, etc. All the raw materials for food in our restaurant are carefully selected from the best sources.

Menu Kajetanka

XXLarge pork schnitzel Vienna (Figlmüller Schnitzel) 249,-
(with Austrian potato salad)
XXL Cotoletta Milanese 329,-
(Fried veal Schnitzel with mixed salad)
Skewer Kajetánka 315,-
(Pork tenderloin, rump steak on a skewer interspersed with homemade sausage, peppers, onion, lettuce salad and baked rosemary potato)
Creamy beef tenderloin Svíčková 199,-
(with lemon, cranberries and homemade carlsbader dumplings)

Why eat with us?

Located near the centre of Prague
Vila Kajetánka has soaked in the romantic atmosphere of the surrounding park. Visit our garden restaurant in the centre of Prague and relax over a meal, while the ripples of a nearby pond whisper in a soothing symphony.
Quality ingredients
Every day our chefs set off to get supplies of fresh and high-quality ingredients. Then they hide themselves in the kitchen and prepare delicious dishes that you will have gourmet dreams about.
Organizing corporate events
We organize corporate parties, family celebrations and weddings. The total capacity of the restaurant can accommodate up to 500 guests. There is plenty of room for a big party, whether it be indoors or outdoors.

Want to enjoy a giant steak?

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Restaurant Vila Kajetánka - home
Open daily
11am - 11pm